The idea to open The Bagel Oven came when Jess and her husband Steve first moved to the Niagara region with their two small children Lily-May and Charlie. They fell in love with the area, in particular how it lends itself to a simpler life with a focus on good food and strong community. The local food scene was thriving but ethnic bread was hard to find and there was no local bagel baker providing this classic comfort food. Their desire to fill this void combined with a passion for simple delicious food was sparked. Jess has spent years perfecting the recipes and tasters agree that her bagels and breads are fantastic. Their commitment – we keep things simple: hand-made, fresh, delicious bagels and bread made to order.

Bagels - Plain

The Bagel Oven
– Niagara, Ontario


These bagels are marked as great for several days. If you want them straight out of the oven CHOOSE your pick up to be Thursday or Friday


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