Evelyn’s Crackers & Whole Grain Bakery

was founded in 2008 by Dawn Woodward and partner, Edmund Rek. The company is named after their daughter, Evelyn.

Pioneers in the local grain movement, with an emphasis on baking with whole grains. Evelyn’s Bakery make a variety of products from breads to pastries to crackers.

“Born out of my firm belief that bakers need to be more than bakers. We need to be grain activists. To honour all the work that comes before ours, we need to listen to the grain and go beyond achieving the familiar.”

Cheddar Crispies - Crackers

Evelyn’s Crackers
– Toronto, Ontario

Sifted spelt with 2 year old cheddar and Stirling Creamery butter. The anytime cracker!!


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