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is the blend of two cultures. It is the smell of home and the flavour of love, all bundled up in a Cheese Dot. A mouth-watering experience of gooey goodness, that also happens to be made without gluten.

Pão de queijo comes from Minas Gerais, a place known for its mines and good food.

The land there is vast and holds many of Brazil’s dairy farms. In a time when wheat wasn’t popular, these farms used the native cassava root for everything, including bread.

When they mixed leftover cheese, excess milk, eggs and cassava (tapioca starch) pão de queijo was created, making use of ingredients farmers had immediately available at almost no cost.

With time, these became a popular snack and spread all throughout Brazil. Recipes changed a bit, but the essence remains the same still today: a delicious cheesy bread.

Our Dots though are proudly made in Canada, using one of the oldest Canadian cheeses: Oka.

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Cheese Dots

Paz Bakery
– Niagara, Ontario

Bake these cheesy babies and serve. Charlie eats them for breakfast, Steve can eat 12 before dinner. They’re a bit addictive so watch out haha!


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