In 2014 the BEC soda Inc. was created by three entrepreneurs of Montreal. Since the beginning, we are involved in the local economy and we trade with local producer. Fewer energy is used from transportation and we contribute to develop our region, because BEC is not just a drink, it’s also a human adventure.

Since its creation and for years to come, BEC commits to transparency and quality by using local and organic ingredients to build a world where environment and respect for the consumers will be priorities for big and smaller companies.

All BEC’s flavors include pure  and organic maple syrup in its recipe for a refreshing and unique taste never experienced before. Organic ingredients, pure maple syrup and a unique flavors are what makes BEC a true alternative to generic sodas on the market.

Cranberry Soda 4 pack

– Montreal, Quebec


Lovers of the iconic red
fruit are not left behind
with Bec Cranberry,
an invigorating and
slightly tart soda.


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