A cook and a winemaker roasting coffee together in Niagara. We are sourcing the best in-season coffee from around the world, with an uncompromising pursuit for quality, flavour, and unique character.

Ethiopia Coffee

Manic Pixie Dream
– Niagara, Ontario


Somewhat uncommon in Ethiopia, this coffee is honey processed.  The coffees process ‘tej’ name is a playful reference to a local tea-making method utilizing honey and ageing.

The jet washing station is owned by Adulina Coffee, that supports smallholder farmers.  This micro-lot was kept separate for its remarkable quality and to be utilized for this untraditional process.  They offer professional aid to help farmers with productivity, quality, and intercropping.  They also support the families of the farmers; offering schooling and freshwater.

Tasting notes:  Orange blossom, black tea, bergamot, citrus oil, juicy acidy


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