Animal Care

Animal care is very important to us. Not only does high care mean higher quality product, it also means that we are proud of what we do and how we conduct our business.

Small Herd Size

We work with farmers who are like us. Small herd size ensures that we can provide high care and we can be confident that all our animals are humanely raised.

Authentically Local

Many companies throw around the word “local” but can only claim that part of their business is truly local. At VG Meats, our products were born, raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario by the Van Groningen family & friends.

Foodland OntarioOur beef is homegrown from our own herd of cattle, our pork still comes from the same area farmer it did 30 years ago, and all of our poultry is locally raised and processed.

Flattened Tandoori Chicken

VG Meats
– Various Farmers Across Southern Ontario


BBQ this beauty! Preheat your grill and cook skin side up for around 15-20 minutes, flip it and cook to your desired doneness *for food safety remember to cook to an internal temperature of 165˚F (74˚C)

Because this item is priced by weight, the amount shown below is an ESTIMATE based on how many units of the items you want. Your current total will reflect this estimate and be corrected to the accurate weight amount upon purchase completion 🙂

$24.99( Est. )

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