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All of our products are plant-based, meaning that they’re made from plants. Just plants. Lots of plants. Placing plants at the centre of our plates, bowls, and glasses is a simple, powerful, and delicious way to improve our health, and that of our environment.

Made with Love in Canada


Greenhouse Juice
– Toronto, Ontario

Good morning! I’m an organic, plant-based butter coffee, here to shake up your morning routine. My name might ring a bell for you — I’m a ready-to-rock-and-roll ketogenic coffee that doesn’t require at-home blending (a vigorous shake will do the trick!).

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? No bother, my 14g of healthy fats from coconut-derived MCT oil and almond butter will leave you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. With less than 1g of sugar, I may not be sweet (let’s be honest though, who is first thing in the morning?), but my organic arabica coffee delivers subtle roasted notes and a caffeine boost to further help you rise and shine.

Heads up! If MCT oil is a new ingredient for you, drink me slowly — it can take some getting used to.


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