Our Coconut Milk Vegan Delight is an eco-friendly product. Knowing that plant production consumes fewer resources, avoids deforestation, and requires less space, we have developed a product offer whose ingredients are entirely plant-based.

Responding to the main issues surrounding a scarcity of resources and pollution linked to food production, we have taken care to build a partnership with a nearby food processor that is supplied by producers of healthy, sustainable, and fairly grown coconut crops.

Our principal grower-partner is a family-run business that has been in operation since 1920. It follows practices specified in the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). It makes concrete efforts for the community and the environment: regularly ensuring that employees enjoy good working conditions and that no minors are employed, guaranteeing that no primates are used in picking, and, since 2007, working on biomass energy solutions in the renewable energy sector. In addition, the plants are grown in mixed crop zones with other agricultural plants, such as banana and mango trees, thereby preventing deforestation and preserving the fertility of agricultural soils for future generations.

Mango & Passion Fruit Petit Pot

– VARENNES, Quebec


  • Contains 3 g of protein with only 8 g of sugar per 120 g portion.
  • With vitamins A, B12, D and calcium added.
  • Contains probiotics with multiple benefits for intestinal and immune system health.
  • Free of dairy products, gluten, and artificial sweeteners.
  • Six exotic flavours to discover: plain, vanilla, lemon, pineapple and coconut, mango and passion fruit, raspberry and blackcurrant.
  • Rich in texture, so much so that it’s likely to be mistaken for classic yogurt.
  • Available in four delightful and 100% reusable glass jars, each with 120 g of Coconut Milk Vegan Delight.


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