If you’re looking for whole foods with high nutritional content grown in an Earth-first manner, you have found the farm for you. At Axten Farms, they prioritize healthy foods and healthy soils, which is why they put such emphasis on producing our foods without taking a toll on the planet.

Our maple peas are one example of the type of whole grains, legumes and pulses they grow on our family-owned farm in Southern Saskatchewan. They are healthy, high in protein and low in calories, and make a filling meal on their own or in a variety of dishes.

When you buy from Axten Farms, you can do so with the knowledge that you are protecting the land, which is cultivate using no-till methods to reduce the impact of machinery on soils. These methods also ensure that soils stay healthy and don’t become depleted, and they reduce the amount of nitrates and phosphorous entering the local water supply from agriculture. Sourcing your food from our farm is equivalent to casting a vote for clean water, strong soils and healthy food.

Maple Peas - Black Badger Peas

Axten Farms
– Saskatchewan

Maple peas do not quickly dissolve when cooked, but rather retain their shape. This makes them a good substitute for other legumes that remain well formed after cooking, such as green lentils and chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans). The maple pea has a nutty taste, and is good by itself. It can be used to top salads, in soups or stews, and as a side dish. When combined with grain, such as wheat berries or rice, the result is a complete protein, which means it contains all the proteins necessary for a healthy human diet.

While maple peas are largely unknown to many of the world’s cooks, they should form a larger part of any cuisine. You can take your cue from Britain’s Lancashire County, which cooks maple peas into a mush to eat on Carling Sunday, which may explain one of their alternative names: carling peas. They’re also known as black peas, grey peas and black badgers.

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