Alexis De Portneuf

A place of clean air and clear light. Nearby, the flowing waters of the St. Anne River. Just beyond, the rolling hills of the Laurentians.

It was here in 1842 that young Alexis Cayer and his wife, Jane Skinner, decided to settle. The village became known as Saint Raymond-de-Portneuf, Quebec. And this is where his family chose to stay. Even more than a home, it became part of their soul.

The land was fertile, perfect for pasture, and over the years they became master cheesemakers. The region became one of Canada’s heartlands of fine cheese. And proudly, they passed down their expertise.

Today we’re still here, still in the same rural village. We continue to hand-craft our fine cheeses. And indeed, many have won the world’s most prestigious awards. Yet our heart, our soul, our passion, are still rooted in the land.

Our name is Alexis de Portneuf, because this is our heritage. Cheese is still our life.


Alexis De Portneuf
– Saint Raymond-de-Portneuf, Quebec

This mellow, creamy, blue-veined, ash-covered surface-ripened cheese has a delicate blue taste. Its creamy and supple texture is unique.


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