Goat milk is rich in vitamins & nutrients… and has fewer naturally occurring sugars. So, why wouldn’t you choose goat milk ice cream?!

Greg and Cheryl Haskett are the Udderly Ridiculous duo bringing you gourmet goat milk ice cream inspired by the zany herd of goats on their third-generation family farm in Oxford County, Ontario.

Together, Cheryl and Greg are on a mission to support agricultural ventures locally and globally, introducing everyone they meet to the pure enjoyment and sophistication of their goat milk ice cream  – so grab a spoon and dig in!

Peach + Mango Goat Milk Ice Cream

Udderly Ridiculous
– Oxford County, Ontario

This ice cream is made with a sweet base, fresh Ontario Goat milk, cream and curd and blended with real peach and mango purees to have a sweet and tangy smoothie feel.


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