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All of our products are plant-based, meaning that they’re made from plants. Just plants. Lots of plants. Placing plants at the centre of our plates, bowls, and glasses is a simple, powerful, and delicious way to improve our health, and that of our environment.

Made with Love in Canada

The Good - Cold Pressed Juice

Greenhouse Juice
– Toronto, Ontario

I know, I know: you’re busy. You’ve been going flat-out for weeks now, forsaking your vegetables and your full night rests. If I were your mother I would force-feed you broccoli and send you straight to your room. But I’m not your mother, I’m a juice, so here’s what I’ll suggest: drink me.

I’ve got more green in me than the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and my vitamin-rich ingredients will sort you out until you can give yourself a break. I’m also pretty darned delicious, with just enough lemon and Himalayan salt to balance out my verdant virtues. Let’s just say they don’t call me “The Good” for nothing.


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